• Business Plan Guide for Entrepreneurs
    Sep 16, 2019
    A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. Fikrinizi İşe Dönüştürün - Girişimciler için Yatırımcılara İş Planı Hazırlama ve Sunum  ...
  • The 4 Blind Spots That Could Lead to Failure
    Sep 13, 2019
    Blinders are great for horses during a race, but in business, what you don't see could hurt you. Thoroughbred horse racing is a lot like the small-business market. In almost every race, you have horses with varying levels of talent trying to win the race. Some horses are veterans that have run numerous races, while others are first-time starters. There are horses who like to get out in front...
  • How a Former Denny’s Waitress Amassed an Empire of Over 75 Denny’s Locations
    Sep 11, 2019
    Dawn Lafreeda began working at a Denny's in California at 16, making her way from hostess to waitress. During college, she took on a second job at a software company, where she learned about accounting and managing personnel. In 1984, when she was 23, Lafreeda was able to merge all her skills when she had the opportunity to purchase a Denny's restaurant in the tiny mining town of Globe, Ariz....
  • 8 Signs Of Change That Good Entrepreneurs See First
    Sep 04, 2019
    When the economy tanks as it did in the last recession, that’s a strong signal that things have to change, and it’s hard to miss. But most of us in business have to deal most of the time with weak signals, or change that is happening in a far more subtle way. These changes can be cultural, like the increasing need to be social, spawning Facebook and a hundred others, or technological, like...
    Sep 02, 2019
    “If only…” These two words paired together create one of the saddest phrases in the English language. Here are ten choices that ultimately lead to this phrase of regret, and how to elude them: 1.  Wearing a mask to impress others. If the face you always show the world is a mask, someday there will be nothing beneath it.  Because when you spend too much time concentrating on...
  • The 13 Biggest Failures from Successful Entrepreneurs and What They’ve Learned from them
    Aug 29, 2019
      One of the great things about our focus on transparency at Buffer is that we get to help other people learn from our experiences. We love learning from others as well, and since we got so much out of our round-up ofcounterintuitive advice, we wanted to find out even more about what other people have learned from experience. This time, we wanted to learn about the darkest moments of...
    Aug 27, 2019
    SUNIL BHARTI MITTAL: A first generation entrepreneur. Started his first business at the age of 18.Forced to close his smooth running business overnight due to Govt regulation. Didn't make much money in his earlier businesses.Got the first turning point in 1992. Became a billionaire by 1995. Take Home Points: 1. IT IS NO WRONG TO BE AUDACIOUS. 2. BLESSED TO BE BORN WITH BUSINESS GENES....
    Aug 23, 2019
    Raising your prices can be a difficult decision to make. You are probably worrying about the effects  it will have on your business and the relationship you have with your customer base. However, by taking the time to research your customer base and create an appropriate strategy, the process will be smooth sailing.  Here are five tactics to raise your prices, without losing clients: 1....
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