Meeting Point for Business and Project Owners with Investors

YeniBirYatirim enables

Business and project owners to reach needed resources and realize partnerships and stock sales,

Investors to accelerate and ease their investment process,

Brokers to present their portfolio businesses and themselves to their target audience and create new business opportunities.

In YeniBirYatirim brokers and business owners, who want to sell or to find partners for their companies, can present their businesses to investors in an effective, professional and commision-free way. Additionally, they can use the analysis tools in YeniBirYatırım to value their businesses and learn more by reading our continuously updated articles database.

YeniBirYatirim provides investors all the relevant information and opportunities about companies and projects in the sectors that they are interested in and enables them to contact owners directly.

With YeniBirYatırım project owners can reach investors who can provide the needed investment, know-how and professional network.

All the personal and contact information that you provide in YeniBirYatirim is confidential. 3rd parties can not see any of your information without your approval and can only contact you through our onsite messaging service.

Please reach us from our Contact page for all your suggestions, questions and comments.



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