Brokers, rendering service for the acquisition and partnering of companies

With YeniBirYatirim, you can find investors for your portfolio companies in a fast and efficient way.

Register now and enjoy the special opportunities YeniBirYatirim offers to brokers.

With a broker account you can:

  •      • Obtain a special web address as company’s name”,

  •      • Promote all the companies in your portfolio through your special page

  •      • Increase your publicity by appearing in the broker list,

  •      • Increase your chances of top appearance in the search engines through our “search engine optimized" platform,

  •      • Create new business opportunities by reaching out to investors and company owners,

  •      • Advertise your companies efficiently with our target-driven listing template, which is designed for encompassing all the information investors need,

  •      • Accelerate your sales by adding photos and videos,

  •      • Use our analysis tools for assessing companies fast and accurately,

  •      • Publish all your listings at a low cost,

  •      • Increase your sales vith VIP Broker Package.

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